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Nova – Hypoglycemia scares the heck out of all of us!

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

That was sooooo scary last night. Everyone thought I was dying. I was shaking, I couldn’t stand up, I didn’t know who was who, I peed by accident on myself, my head was like a bobble head – all in the space of 2 hours from good to bad. I didn’t know anything was going on because I was apparently totally out of it. But we have the best vet in the world (Dr. Peter Hanna: who let mom call him at night and he diagnosed it perfectly.

Dr Peter Hanna - Park Animal Hospital

Dr. Peter Hanna of Park Animal Hospital

My glucose levels hit rock bottom. Doc says it’s probably because I’m so young & small. A little Karo syrup every 2 hours last night rubbed on my gums – mom was great, right there for me, sleeping next to me, keeping me warm on the floor – and I feel fine this morning. Pretty amazing – even though everyone was so scared for a sec. My whole family was here for me. Vet visit this morning and my glucose levels are at 106 – doc says that’s good so I got to have some breakfast. And I now have my Nutri-Cal that I’ll take now every day for a bit instead of getting all sticky from the Karo syrup. So… I think all will be good to go!! I am so lucky and happy again.

See more about Nova, pictures & videos on her Facebook page:

Puppy Rescue Mission – Nova

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Happy New Year to 2011 – or rather happy Nova to 2011!

Every dog at DogToyStuffz has their personal rescue story but, for us, this one is still hard to believe.  After safely partying New Year’s Eve and driving home New Year’s Day at about 2am, my son, out of the corner of his eye, on a pitch dark night, sees a little creature jump from the sidewalk into the street.  Not only is the night black but so is this tiniest of creatures. Having stopped our car many times to help so many dogs, cats, turtles, misc fowl creatures from certain death, this night was no different. But this little thing was jet black and unimaginably small. I am amazed my son even saw her on the dark street. She was so tiny, had anyone actually hit her with their car, they would have maybe thought they hit a rock. She would have looked like an oil spill and no more!

Nova - puppy rescue at DogToyStuffz

My son scooped her up without question and brought her straight home. We gave her some water and she seemed so totally happy to just have some warmth and attention. He named her Nova – after his car and the fact that she was found on New Year’s – Nova means “new” in Latin. We took a picture (pictured above with my son) her first night but you can barely see her details because she is so completely black. We tried to guess at her breed – maybe Matlese, maybe Cocker Spaniel, maybe Scottie or Westie… maybe a mix!

The next day was a holiday weekend and all our local vets were closed. As we always do, we checked the newpapers, shelters  and various lost animal online listings and no one had called and asked about a little black pup. It wasn’t until Monday that I was able to connect with the vets. No one had reported any black puppy missing, so, the next day I took this little thing to our vet (whom I love – he’s such a great guy, kind, caring and only doing it for the animal’s well-being). Amazingly, at apparently only 6 weeks old, little Nova checked out nicely. He could hear a slight heart murmur, but at this very young age it can be normal to have a little hole in the heart – that is part of how momma helps baby breathe while she’s in her stomach. But we will watch!

Little Nova only weighed 1.4 lbs. I still can’t believe how tiny she is. In the picture below she looks like a little black smudge between Sydney, 65  lbs, and Zeus, 110 lbs.

Nova at DogToyStuffz with Zeus and Sydney

So, with this little thing, we have already had trouble finding fun dog or puppy toys safe enough and tiny enough for her to play with so… we’ll add those here for you soon.

Welcome Nova to the family at  DogToyStuffz!

Dressing Up – Pet Costumes from

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

We just got wind that just updated their costume and costume accessory for pets or other creatures (like the strange ones that include humans and cats!). They say they’ve been collecting info about the newest pet costumes to be had for Halloween and other times of the year.

Did you play with the Chick-fil-A Cow Appreciation Day event? Maybe, you’re thinking a little more fun like sexy belly dancer or the devil look!

Cow Costume -     Sexy Belly Dancer Dog Costume -     Devil Dog Costume -

I want one of those glow-in-the-dark ones – see the video below – but I don’t know that they make ‘em for dogs! [sigh]

Halloween Street seems to have quite an inventory of halloween costumes. So, if you find something you like… buy it at Halloween Street then… take a picture, we’ll post it here for fun. If you don’t find anything fun, let us know we will try to find out from them if what you need is actually available.

Oprah Goes to the Dogs and Puppies Behind Bars

Friday, May 15th, 2009

We love how so many celebrities are advocates for helping puppies and dogs. As you know our house is full of rescued dogs so we love to hear how others get that need!


Oprah Winfrey is one of those wonderful celebrities. A few months ago Oprah added to her pack by adopting a couple of shelter puppies. We are sad to report that the adopted puppies were both diagnosed with the deadly parvo virus. One of the puppies didn’t make it, but one of them did. This month, and next, Sadie will help Oprah out with alerting the public to all sorts of animal needs both for dogs as well as for humans!


Tomorrow, May 15th, Oprah will air her TV show and dedicate it to the dogs. Actress, Glenn Close will also be on. She is a huge dog advocate – we know this from the website she is affiliated with! Both celebrities will be promoting all sorts of topics around puppies and dogs. Our favorite one, for the moment, is on the topic of service dogs. A wonderful organization, called Puppies Behind Bars, focuses on helping dogs and people. The puppies are actually behind bars with prison inmates. The inmates are trained to raise these puppies to become service dogs for wounded US veterans. We love the intertwining of needs and issues all addressed by this one program.


Anyway, to help promote the Puppies Behind Bars organization, we wanted to give you information on how and where you can help the dogs and people involved in these projects.


One is going to the Puppies Behind Bars site and donating directly:

puppies behind bars - donate

The other is with some great new dog and puppy chew toys. They are called DogTags and they are chew toys for both puppies and dogs. And, you know our dog and puppy safety concerns! These dog chew toys are made with safe all natural, non-toxic rubber. What’s also cool is that they are molded using the same shoe molds used to make the soles of military boots. We like that connection!

dogtags from fetchdog

FetchDog is donating $2 of their proceeds from sale of each chew toy. Pretty nice!

Oh, and if you have a special project or item that helps our dog and puppy community, let us know, we’ll gladly create a post about it at

8 Tips for an Organic and Environmentally Friendly Dog Lifestyle

Tuesday, February 24th, 2009

Considering organic, natural and eco-friendly as a lifestyle is a choice. With so many options, even for our dogs, can cause us to not notice what might make something bad for us or our dogs. Knowledge is always going to be the first step to making better lifestyle choices. At DogToyStuffz we want to share not only our research and knowledge but also give you specific product ideas and choices. We hope this information helps!

1 – Organic Dog Toys – Of organic and eco-friendly concerns, DogToyStuffz is passionate about our dog and puppy toys. Not only can natural and organic dog toys help with pet allergies but, if digested, is a little easier on the body’s system and the eco-system. Organic dog toys also have green-living aspects of being biodegradable and earth-friendly. Look for natural fibers such as those made with cotton, wool, hemp or fleece. Ideally organic dye-free fabric are great too but a little more difficult to find in a dog or puppy toy. And … you all know that we prefer those without the plastic squeaky toy part too. It not only makes the dog toy safer but also adds to its organic and eco-friendly nature!

2 – Bugs, Pests and Flea Control – Use environmentally-friendly, toxin free, natural and organic pest control products – those are made from guave fruit, orange oil, clove oils – safe for us, our children, dogs, puppies, other pets and even birds, lizards and your water too! Flea control can be managed organically as well. Consider, organic soaps with mild insecticides, natural products that feature natural, organic ingredients such a eucalyptus, spearmint, peppermint oil, cinnamon oil, lemon grass oil, thyme oil or neem oil.

3 – Organic Dog Bedding – non-toxic, allergen free dog bedding is not only recommended for your pet but helps with human allergies especially if the dog bed is located in the house. The most popular organic dog beds seem to be those made with cotton and hemp materials.

4 – Water Control and Preservation – Learn to properly collect water. Rain and ground water collection systems are great for all aspects of green living. Water collection systems should not be used for drinking water even for your pets but can be used for bathing purposes for yourself and your dogs. Use this water for garden and lawn care too.

5 – Dog Poop and Cleaning – turn it into biofuel. Well, maybe not so easy to turn your dog poop into biofuel but they are doing it in San Francisco! So, in the meantime, stay eco-friendly here by using biodegradable doggie poop bags. We even found some eco-friendly, flushable dog waste bags. Use products that contain safe enzymes for home cleaning accidents and odor eliminators like Pure Air that is earth-safe too. Consider a doggy septic system. These use natural enzymes to break down the waste and allow it to return to the soil without any environmental damage.

6 – Holistic approach to Health – Over the years we still find that grandma’s home remedies can also help our dogs and puppies. Stomach aches, cuts and scrapes need to be attended to for our dogs as much as they do for us humans. Consider doing your research on natural and holistic remedies that avoid chemicals and preservatives. We love simply boiling chicken and rice with a lot of water (no salt or any special flavoring needed) for tummy aches and managing diarrhea and/or vomiting. If vomiting or diarrhea lasts for more than a day or two definitely seek the attention of your veterinarian. Note the natural products mentioned above for flea control for your dogs. We also believe strongly in physical therapy for certain types of care for our pets. Massage and joint exercise helps with so many ailments and helps with all sorts of recovery situations. We found some good additional information at

7 – Dog Foods and Treats – Natural and organic dog foods and treats means there are no added chemicals, no artificial preservatives, flavorings or fillings. Look for foods and treats with no butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), no butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA) and no ethoxyquin (cancer causing preservatives) – no added grains either which our dogs really don’t need for their diet. There are natural preservatives such as Tocopherols (vitamin E) and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) which are ok for dogs or puppies. We like those that include nutritious proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Healthy natural and organic pet foods and treats can help manage allergies, skin ailments, digestive disorders, immune system, and help maintain proper weight for a happier, healthier and long-living dog. There is a ton of information online about natural, organic foods for dogs and puppies. For training and special occasions we select from a variety of natural, organic dog and puppy treats. Zeus loves chicken treats, Sydney prefers the taste of salmon treats and Charlie will eat them all! All are considered human-grade foods – so set the table and let’s eat!

8 – Fuel Economy – Forget the car – walk the dog! A simple solution to an environmental concern – and the best for you both!

Know that this list of tips for an organic and environmentally friendly dog lifestyle could go on and on. We would love to hear your views. We may add some more later. Keeping up on health and making our environment safe for all of us, including our dogs, is a number one priority!

What are your eco-friendly concerns? organic or natural considerations? non-toxic suggestions? Do you know of special dog toys, products or supplies that others would love too? Let us know.

Safe Dog Toy Recipes for Added Treats

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

We found some great recipes suggested by Kong dog toys that go great with some of their fun dog and puppy toys. If you don’t have anything special for your dog or puppy for Valentine’s Day consider whipping up one of these simple recipes for added treats and lots of love from your pets. Kong also offers some easy squeeze dog toy treat stuffing too. You’ll love the added play time created by adding these safe dog treats to almost any plastic or rubber dog toy.

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Cheesy Dental KONG Delight:
3 Slices of your pet’s favorite cheese.
Any Dental KONG dog or puppy toy

A very simple and creative way to make any dog or puppy drool in delight. Just place the three slices of cheese directly into the grooves of your dog’s Dental KONG (if model has rope – make sure cheese does not get onto it). Melt in microwave for 20 to 30 seconds. Give to your pet after it cools.

Philly Steak Dog or Puppy Toy Treat:

Steak scraps
1 ounce cream cheese
Appropriate KONG dog or puppy toy

Place small scraps of steak inside KONG toy. Spread cream cheese in large hole to hold scraps.

Aunt Jeannie’s Archeology KONG (for advanced dogs):

Fill your KONG toy (the larger the better!) in layers and pack as tightly as possible. LAYER ONE (deepest): KONG Stuff’N Beef and Liver treats. LAYER TWO: KONG Stuff’N Tail Mix or dry dog kibble, Cheerios, sugar-free, salt-free peanut butter (picj a safe brand), dried banana chips, apples and apricots. LAYER THREE: carrot sticks, turkey or leftover ravioli or tortellini. The last item inserted should be an apricot or piece of ravioli, presenting a smooth “finish” under the main opening. – by Jean Donaldson

KONG on a Rope:

KONG Stuff’N Tail Mix or dry dog kibble
Appropriate KONG dog or puppy toy

Pull the rope through the KONG toy and knot it. Hang this upside down from a tree, deck or post. The small hole should be facing the ground. Fill the large hole of the KONG toy with KONG Stuff’N Tail Mix or dry dog kibble. Make the toy hang just high enough that it is out of your dog or puppy’s reach. Your dog will spend hours trying to retrieve the treats from the KONG toy. At the end of the day, take the remaining treats and give to your pet as a reward. This is advanced work for your dog. – by Ian Dunbar

Frozen Jerky Pops:

Peanut butter (make sure it’s a safe brand!)
Jerky Strips • Water
Appropriate KONG dog or puppy toy

Muffin tin. Smear a small amount of peanut butter over small hole in your KONG toy. Fill with cool water and add a pinch of bouillon. Place a Jerky Stick inside KONG toy and freeze. This can also be put (once frozen) in a children’s size swimming pool for a fun day of fishing for your dog or puppy. – by Terry Ryan

Simple, Tried and True Yummy Treat:

Peanut butter or KONG Stuff’N Peanut Butter Paste (always choose a safe brand, pls!)
Appropriate KONG dog or puppy toy

Smear a small amount of peanut butter or KONG Stuff’N Peanut Butter Paste inside the cavity of your KONG toy. It’s that easy! KONG Stuff’N Liver Paste, KONG Stuff’N Breath Treat or KONG Stuff’N Puppy Treat also work great. – by trainers and vets worldwide

DT Stuffz – safe dog toys & more

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

DT Stuffz, otherwise known as, was created by dog owners and their dogs (or puppies) looking for safe and high quality dog toys. Unlike other dog toy stores or dog supply shops, we personally (our dogs are people too) test all our toys and supplies that we sell so that we can bring you the best quality dog and puppy toys to your home – or office.

MultiPet Knott Ball - Dog Toy PetStages Soft Toss Ring - Dog Toy MultiPet Nobbly Wobbly - Rubber Ball - Large Dog Toy Planet Dog Orbee -Tuff Glow Ball - Dog Toy

West Paw Zogoflex Tux - Tangerine

The dog toys seen here are some of our favorites! These are all no-squeaker dog toys designed for playing tug-of-war or fetch with your dogs. They are great for teething puppies. And the best thing with the rope ball dog toys or the soft dog toys is that they are biodegradable, non-toxic and eco-friendly in all ways for puppies, dogs and the general household!

We know how hard some dog toys are to find, especially safe, hazard-free, and environmentally-friendly dog and puppy toys. We will use to review all dog toys and let you know about all of our findings, good and bad, on all types of dog toys and how they affect the human people around and possibly other pets too. However, we will only point you in the direction of the dog or puppy toys we know will make eveyone in your household happy.

Keep watching here for dog news and posts on the most fun and greatest dog toys imaginable. DT Stuffz has gone to the dogs!